The Effects of Smoking

We all have heard that smoking is bad for you. It can really effect your health in detrimental ways, both long and short term. Below, we will discuss what makes them bad for you and why you should quit.

Short term: There are several things you will notice shortly after you start smoking. Your teeth will be stained, your hair, clothes, and breath will smell of smoke, and your fingers will start to turn yellow. You could also develop allergic symptoms or a hacking cough. Perhaps none of these sound that bad to you, but this is only the beginning. As time goes on, you will diminish your lung capacity and find it harder to stay active. Your throat will become irritated and you will have an increase in blood pressure.

Long term: Your problems will get worse as you continue to smoke. The stains on your teeth and hands will get worse. You will crave cigarettes all the time. What you used to do for fun will become a nasty habit. You will have a harder time breathing because you now have scar tissue building up in your lungs and throat. The habit causes your whole respiratory system to begin to break down. With the increase in scar tissue, you increase your chances of cancer. You could end up with mouth, throat, and/or lung cancer from smoking. Each of these leads to death. And, if you escape death from cancer, it is likely you will have to have parts of your lungs, mouth, and/or throat removed to stop the cancer growth. Sounds like fun, right?

Damage to society: Above are how the physical damages affect you, but you need to understand what your smoking does to others as well. Luckily, these days smoking in the United States is prohibited in public places. It is unlawful to smoke in almost all parks, shopping centers, stores, and restaurants. Legally, you can still smoke in a few smoking lounges and bars or out on the street. Odds are, once you start to smoke, people will not treat you the same. They will likely not want you around their children or they may not even want you around them anymore. We all hear of the harm with secondhand smoke and don’t care to subject ourselves to it.

As you can see, smoking is very bad for you. Between the short term, long term, and damages to society, why would you want to pick up a cigarette in the first place?