Dealing with Smoker’s Cough

We have all heard someone with smoker’s cough. It isn’t a fun thing to deal with. It is a persistent cough that never wants to go away. And it isn’t the kind of cough where you can take a cough suppressant or cough drop and get relief. If you are a new smokier the cough will be more dry and you won’t get goop in your throat when you cough. As you continue to smoke, though, or increase the amount of smoking you do, you will start having a wet cough that will produce phlegm that is green, yellow, or clear. The coughing tends to be worse in the morning when you wake up.

Perhaps you are wondering why smoker’s cough even happens. Well, your lungs have something called cilia, small hair-like structures. These cilia are used by the lungs to move toxins out and protect the lungs. When you smoke, you paralyze the cilia, keeping them from doing their job. Because of this, the toxins settle down in your lungs, causing a reaction. Your body tries to get rid of the toxins from the smoke through your respiratory system through coughing.

There are many negative consequences to the smoker’s cough. Not only is a smoker’s cough an unpleasant sound to listen to, but it is also unpleasant to experience. Not only is the cough itself painful, but when you cough frequently that deep, it can cause you to experience a lot of pain in your chest. Even if you, the smoker, are accustomed to coughing frequently, it can disturb others that are around you. This can negatively effect how you are seen at work or in your social life. It can also be harder for you or anyone else to determine when you are showing actual signs of a disease that is more serious.

As you can see, smoker’s cough is more than just a mere annoyance. It can be detrimental to you and others that are around you.