How to Quit Smoking

So you’re done with smoking. That is great news! Now you need to come up with a strategy to help you kick the habit. Most people are unable to quit cold turkey. They need some kind of plan to help them through the weeks needed to completely kick the habit. Below are suggestions to help.

Be accountable: find someone that can help walk you through the process. Talk with your family, friends, coworkers and anyone else you spend time around. Tell them your plans to quit so they can encourage you in your quest. You can also join a message board devoted to quitting smoking so you can find others walking the same path you are.

Get help managing the symptoms: When you quit, the withdrawal symptoms are tough to deal with. You will need some help. There are many aids to help kick your nicotine habit. Some include Nicorette, lozenges, gum, patches, and other items that help to lower your intake of nicotine. It is also good to know ahead of time what withdrawal symptoms you may have so you can expect them. Keep sweet foods close by because they can help you with your cravings. Most likely, you will crave these foods anyways as you quit.

Stay focused on your goal: Many people fail in their attempts to quit because they lose their focus. The cravings cloud their mind and make it hard to remember why exactly they are quitting in the first place. Keep constant reminders all around you. There are apps that will help encourage you in this journey. You can write notes to yourself with your own reasons. Perhaps hanging a motivational poster in an area you are in frequently will help. The key is to constantly remind yourself of your reason to quit smoking. Hopefully, the constant reminders will help to keep you on track while you are kicking the habit.

Never give up: There’s a good chance that you will slip up and still smoke a time or two in this journey. Giving into temptation doesn’t mean you have to start at square one again, though. Just keep moving forward and don’t let the setbacks set you back permanently. With persistence, you will overcome this habit and win.