The Effects of Quitting

When you decide to quit smoking, you will feel the effects almost immediately. Your heart rate will go to its normal level merely twenty minutes after your last smoke. This decreases your blood pressure and causes you to be less anxious.

Within around two hours, your heart rate and blood pressure are around normal range. You will also notice that your circulation has improved as you begin to feel a sensation of warmth in your fingers.

On the other hand, you will also start feeling some of the negative effects. These effects include anxiety, difficulty sleeping, nicotine cravings, and food cravings.

One the first day of quitting, you will be able to breathe better. The nicotine will un-bond from your blood cells and your respiratory system will be able to get back to its job without the extra weight. The effects of smoking may never heal completely, but you will be able to breathe much easier and exert yourself more over time.

The following day, your cravings will be much worse. This is when most smokers give in. Your fingers will likely shake and you will have high anxiety. On this day, though, your risk for a heart attack has already been reduced greatly. It’s amazing how quickly that your heart can get past the damage of smoking.

About two days later your nerve endings will begin to regrow. The chemicals in the cigarettes stymied them, but now they can heal. This will allow you to feel sensations in your extremities better. You will also have your sense of smell and taste return. This will make you notice nearby cigarette smoke easier, though, not helping your cravings.

Three days after your last cigarette, the nicotine will be out of your system completely. This will put your cravings very high and you will start to feel the full effects of nicotine withdrawal. You will feel the need to hold a cigarette or something similar most likely. You will also experience cramps, headaches, and nausea. These symptoms are experienced differently by each person.

In about two to three weeks, all of the cravings and symptoms of withdrawal should be gone. Your body will be undergoing a lot of restoration and healing from the smoking. You will have more stamina and your lung capacity will be increased greatly. You will feel less winded after physical activities. It will be easier to breath and you will have a lot more energy. Your body’s circulation with improve a lot over this time as well, keeping you warmer and increasing your level of energy.

After months with no smoking, even heavy smokers will lose their withdrawal symptoms. You will decrease your risk of heart disease by around fifty percent at this point, and your lungs will be greatly repaired.

As you continue to go without smoking over the next months and years, your body will continue to heal and your risks for many smoking related diseases will lower dramatically.

Once you quit smoking for good, you can be assured in the long term health and financial benefits in no longer smoking. You can even avoid contacting an attorney due to health concerns related to smoking!