About Smokers Insurance

Welcome to Smokers Insurance. No, we don’t sell insurance for smokers. The title of this site came from my experience with just how hard it is to get insurance if you are a smoker.

Case in point, my mom. She was a smoker and had tried for years to find insurance that would cover her with the small amount of money she made. She was mostly unsuccessful, but found a company that would cover her finally. They had a huge deductible, though.  No biggie as long as you stay healthy.

A little over a year ago, my mother began getting sick a lot. She put off going to the doctor because of the deductible she would have to pay. Well, months went by until she couldn’t work anymore because of the discomfort she was feeling, so she finally went to the doctor. My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer at that time and died from complications of the cancer just four months ago.

As if her death weren’t enough for me and my brothers to handle, we were then left with quite the hefty medical bill from the hospital. My mom had been unable to handle the bills as they came in since she had to miss so much work. Her deductible was $50k. We had to sell almost everything she owned to pay just the deductible, and that still wasn’t quite enough.

Now my message to everyone, and to you is this…stop smoking or you will likely leave your family to foot the bill. Insurance will not cover you as a smoker as it would otherwise, and it isn’t worth the cost. Please, for the sake of your family, quit today.